Destiny 2 Shadowkeep roadmap reveals dungeon release date, raid challenges, Exotic quests and more

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The first day of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will bring some big changes, from numerous class buffs= to major weapon tweaks, but the meat of the expansion is spread across this fall. Bungie released the full roadmap for Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying content, and it not only tells us when content will arrive, but it also shows off some new goodies.  

The expansion will launch on Tuesday, October 1, followed by the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid and the Vex Offensive activity on Saturday, October 5. This ought to give hardcore players plenty to chew on for the expansion's first week and weekend. The following Tuesday, October 8, another new activity will be added into the rotation: Nightmare Hunts. At first, these will only feature Hero and Legend difficulties, but Master Nightmare Hunts will arrive on October 15 alongside the season's first Iron Banner. 

On October 22, new Exotic quests will start rolling out. We recently learned that the quest for the Leviathan's Breath Exotic bow is exclusive to Destiny 2's new Battle Pass-like Season Pass, and it seems it will be the first quest of the expansion. It's worth noting that the Season of the Undying Season Pass is included with Shadowkeep, so all active players will get to access the new content. Still, it's worth noting that some Exotics are tied to seasons while some come with DLC. The Divinity trace rifle coming on October 29, for instance, only requires Shadowkeep. 

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More importantly, October 29 will ring in a new dungeon in the style of Forsaken's Shattered Throne. Dungeons have proven to be an excellent addition to Destiny 2's activity rotation, striking a middle-ground between raids and Strikes, so the new dungeon is mighty exciting. At the same time, a new Crucible mode titled Momentum Control will be added in. It's unclear how this mode will differ from standard Control, nor do we know how it'll fit into the newly rebuilt Crucible playlists, but a new mode is a new mode. 

The last two items on the current roadmap are among the most interesting. On November 5, Shadowkeep will get its first raid challenge. These will presumably mirror the challenges available for Last Wish, Scourge of the Past, and Crown of Sorrows - encounter-specific bounties which award raid loot provided you meet certain objectives. Lastly, the Vex Offensive will receive some sort of tune-up on November 19. It's called the "Final Assault," so perhaps it will ratchet up the difficulty of the activity? Bungie wants seasonal activities to rotate out and connect the stories of different seasons, so this event could also mark the beginning of the end for the Vex Offensive. 

That's all we know for now, but the Season of the Undying will continue through December-ish, so there's surely more on Bungie's calendar. As-is, the upcoming season looks like it'll deliver new content at a healthy cadence, to say nothing of the other stuff in the Season Pass. 

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