Here's everything new to Destiny 2's Eververse store in the Season of the Forge

Ahead of Destiny 2: The Black Armory (opens in new tab), Bungie has opened the gates on Destiny 2 (opens in new tab)'s Season of the Forge. We've got a nice new balance patch (opens in new tab) to chew on, new pinnacle weapons (opens in new tab) to earn, and dozens of new Eververse items to chase. Destiny 2's annual pass comes with bonus Silver you can spend on Eververse items, and you can now earn Bright Dust more reliably thanks to the Eververse bounties, so these items are more obtainable than ever. With time and patience, you can acquire most everything in the store without spending a dime. That being said, here's everything the Eververse store is selling in the new season. 

Exotic armor skins

Legendary armor sets

Exotic weapon skins

Legendary weapon skins 

Exotic Ghost shells

Legendary Ghost shells


Exotic ships

Legendary ships

Exotic sparrows

Legendary sparrows

Head to page two for GIFs of all the emotes and transmat effects available in the Season of the Forge.  

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