Destiny 2 players troll and flirt with Hive villain Savathun after she hacks Bungie's Twitter

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen
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Savathun, the antagonist of the big Destiny 2: Witch Queen expansion, has taken control of Bungie's official Twitter account, and Guardians are fighting back with a mix of threats and flirting.

Savathun seized the Bungie Twitter this afternoon, proclaiming that, "I am unburdened – hollow, filled only with potential. Weightless. Pure." How and why an ostensibly pure and unburdened being decided that Twitter was the thing missing from her life is beyond us, but she's since declared that "the Sister of Shapes is ready for a new form," which prompted many Guardians to kindly suggest some alternative forms for her. 

For example, one reply reckons that fashioning Savathun into a grenade launcher which shoots Hive worm larvae is the way to go. Some scholars may know this as the Monster Hunter Method, but turning gods into guns is also a storied Guardian tradition, so naturally many Destiny 2 players proposed similar ideas. However, Savathun insists that she won't give us the chance to fashion her into a Hive-killing weapon, but we're still holding out hope for another Touch of Malice.  

Others understandably chose to threaten the queen of lies, earning some sharply worded counters. A few players, who've presumably already been corrupted by Savathun's song, adopted a, uh, different approach. 

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It's easy to miss amidst all the memery, but there are actually some interesting details hidden in some of these exchanges (some of which hold spoilers for the latest seasonal cutscene, so consider yourself warned). For example, Savathun claims that she not only didn't kill Osiris but that we'll be able to "piece him together again" at some point, just as his partner, Saint-14, had hoped. Well, maybe not exactly as he'd hoped, but hey, at least he's not dead. 

Savathun had harsher words regarding Sagira, the Ghost which Osiris lost off-screen some time ago, and the Awoken queen Mara, whose plan to ensnare Savathun went up in smoke (to the surprise of no one). Unable to resist the Urge To Tweet, Savathun's still dishing out verbal lashings as we speak, though Bungie social lead Griffin Bennett says they're working to get the studio's account back.  

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