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Destiny 2 has a secret Strike intro about puppies that "broke" Zavala's voice actor

Like other Strikes in Destiny 2, Lake of Shadows begins with a little voiced introduction from some of your NPC pals. They talk about why they've sent you out here, what you need to kill, and sometimes, very, very rarely… baby dogs. Don't believe me? Witness this recorded evidence from one very lucky Destiny 2 player.

Oh, and I guess you could call this a spoiler, but it sounds like the chances are pretty low that you'll ever see this yourself. And to even have a chance of a chance you'll need to be playing the PS4 version, since Lake of Shadows is a Sony-exclusive Strike for now. 

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"Yes… Baby dog."

It isn't an elaborate fake (though I'd have to give props even if it was). Bungie senior writer Mallory Schleif was delighted to see players discovering the endearingly goofy introduction, which she apparently didn't expect to make it into the final game.

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The stuff that makes you sit back and say "there's no way the boss is going to sign off on this" is always the best stuff. Schleif even shared an equally hilarious tidbit about recording voice over for the odd little scene. 

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Just imagining stone-faced Lance Reddick, the human counterpart of Commander "Serious Business" Zavala, sitting in the booth, talking about his computer going on the fritz and naming this particular operation after puppies… it warms my heart. As for those players who get to enjoy this strange scene in-person, I hope Operation Baby Dog is a resounding success for everyone involved.

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