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In the mission Riptide we got Titan’s arcology powered back up and running. That allowed Zavala, Sloane, and Amanda to shed some light on the moon’s deepest secrets. Naturally, it’s time for us to explore them.

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Destiny 2 - Titan: Utopia

Level Recommendation: Level 6, Power Rating 60

If you completed the last two missions, you should be familiar with Titan’s particular brand of platforming. Just walk and hop forward, where the game directs you, until you reach a large indoor area full of shipping crates. 

The Fallen have set up shop here and it’s time to remedy that. It’s not even a Restricted Zone, so if you do die you can always respawn with no progress lost. When the squad is cleared out, your Ghost will mention the stained glass-like tile wall on the far end of the room. Look for the welding marks the Fallen left behind, aim, and shoot to reveal a “secret” entrance into the next room.

From here, follow your marker, take in the sights, and absorb the exposition. When you reach a door that your Ghost needs to scan to open, that’s when you can start worrying again.

The next room looks waterlogged, but a Restricted Zone warning appears as Thralls rise out of the water like reeds. Tackle them in the usual manner, with AoE attacks and fast-firing weapons, and you’ll finish just in time for ranged enemies to appear at the top of some nearby steps. It’s best to close the distance on them - Knights thrive with a high-ground advantage.

Past where they appeared are the Hive-infested “Festering Halls.” They’re dark, but actually actually quite linear. Follow them forward, slapping down the Knight and handful of Thralls in your way. They appear right before a Shrieker at the end of a long stretch of tunnel. Remember that Shriekers don’t explode or seek targets anymore, so you can destroy it without fear of repercussions.

Past that is a large arena with tantalizing cover spots in the form of bony stalagmites. You just need to crest a small hill to get to them, first. The catch is that Cursed Thralls start sprinting over the same mound once you get close enough. Get ready to backpedal, or jump into the air as soon as you see them. Being airborne usually keeps you out of the worst of their blast radius and you might even trigger them to explode a split second after you’re away.

The rest of the skirmish is pretty straightforward. Knights and Acolytes will take their usual potshots, but just hug the stalagmites for cover and to break line of sight, and you should be good. 

In the next room, you’ll encounter Destiny 2’s first Ogre: the miniboss Garmurg. These one-eyed gorillas aren’t nimble, but they shoot continuous beams of damage. This makes it tough to get clean hits on them alone, since there’s nobody else to pull their attention away while you fire.

If you have one ready, now’s the time to pop a Super and kill Garmurg quickly. Power weapons also work, provided they're the long-range kind. If you don’t have either, then your best bet is to kite the brute around the large pillar in the center of the room. You can pop out from one side and hit him until you’ve soaked up too much damage from his eye beam to safely remain. Then just run laps around the pillar while you heal and repeat the process.

When Garmurg is handled, head for the wide pit he first crawled out of. Make sure you trigger your double-jump ability near the bottom, or you’ll take fall damage from the landing.

Here we have another (mostly) non-combat sequence of running down straight hallways. Shoot the Hive web blocking your path to continue. Look to your right when it seems like you’ve hit a Hive-encrusted dead end. Those slatted vents on the wall can also be shot away, revealing another hidden path forward.

The long, straight hallways continue. Follow them until you reach a massive metal chasm. It looks deep enough to be bottomless, but you need to drop into the pitch black ravine towards the bottom. You’ll drop into the umpteenth corridor, and need to head through the glowing Hive door in the center.

At this point, the path becomes straightforward enough to simply follow the marker again. It opens into a pitch black room with one very obvious artifact in need of nicking. When you do, however, the whole strange facility will go on high alert. You need to book it, and fast, but not all the way on-foot.

Some very robust vehicles are waiting for you at the end of one last hallway. They don’t have guns, which is a shame, but they’re fast and sturdy enough to run over the scores of Hive waiting in front of you. The dozers aren’t invincible, however, so maybe don’t dawdle. Just the same, it’s a pretty straightforward shot to your extraction point and the end of the mission.

And that’s it for Titan (save for a speech from Zavala)! After that, we go to Nessus, get introduced to an unstable AI, and learn what Cayde-6 is like in a bind. All that and more can be found in Destiny 2’s next stretch: Looped!

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Next mission - Nessus: Looped

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