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Thumos the Unbroken was the only thing standing between us and Ghaul’s sun-killing superweapon in the last mission, Unbroken. Now that title no longer applies, it’s time to hitch a ride.

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Destiny 2 - EDZ: Larceny

Level Recommendation:  Level 15, Power Rating 170

This mission is something of a comedown before the spacebound climax to follow. Start by following your waypoint and listening to your allies’ radio chatter. They’ll lead you to a clash between Fallen and Cabal enemies deeper in.

None of the enemies here are particularly harrowing and things are made even easier by the fact that they’re fighting each other. Just watch out for Incindior napalm as you weave between them.

Once they’re gone, you’ll be taken to face your first Scorpius. These are stationary Cabal heavy turrets that fire at an incredible rate. The bright side is, despite their continuous fire, Scorpius turrets have neither the Shanks’ numbers and mobility, nor the Ogre’s vitality. Long story short: pop your head out and shoot them fast to get them out of the way. 

Step through more Cabal and Fallen. You’ll meet a Servitor mini-boss named Teleks-5. He’s not much of a threat alone, but his explosive shots add to the chaos of his accompanying Shanks and Vandals. Stay far back from the mob to avoid getting surrounded. Then periodically pop from cover to whittle away at his health. Remember, Servitors are weak in the center of their eye.

After the Fallen, it’s the Cabal’s turn. Scorpius turrets will back them up from a distance. Unlike other enemies that take breaks between shots, these turrets are relentless. So don’t underestimate their damage output and put them down quickly. War Beasts and Gladiators still take priority, of course, but lure them away from the turrets’ line of sight if you can.

The next battle is also the last one. You need to hold out against incoming waves of Cabal as they try to kill you before you can make off with the shuttle. The siege is made slightly easier since the Cabal can only attack you from two directions. The first is a bridge connected to the launchpad you’re defending. The second is the section of the launchpad just counter-clockwise of said bridge. A handful of Cabal will leap to it directly, forcing you to fight in close quarters.

Luckily, your launchpad is crawling with cover points. Use them to break line of sight with any Psion snipers. Kill those that leap to the platform first, then switch your attention to these long-range foes.

Eventually, another mini-boss named Enforcer Rusk will appear to push you off your safe spot. If he gets too close just run across the bridge to the other circular zone filled with cover points. Rusk will launch scattering missiles at you from afar, but they’re slow enough to dodge by ducking behind cover. Peck away at him between salvoes to complete the mission.

Did that seem a little short? Well, it’s just the lead-in to a much longer stretch that begins in the next mission, 1AU. We’re leaving Earth behind for this one to destroy the Almighty before it can do the same to our sun. 

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Next mission - The Almighty: 1AU

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