Destiny 2 Guardian Games will bring a new Exotic and armor sets next week

The Destiny 2 Guardian Games event is starting on Tuesday, April 21 and runs through to Tuesday, May 12, and thanks to its new reveal trailer, we've got some idea of the rewards it will deliver.

Fundamentally, the Guardian Games look similar to the Faction Rallies of old, only in this case the competing factions are actually the game's three classes. Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans will seemingly compete to represent their class and earn rewards, but it's unclear how exactly they'll be competing (hopefully there's more to do than bounties). The good news is that the event will be free to all players - no Season Pass or expansion required - so everyone will get to rep their class.

We know from the Season of the Worthy calendar that the Guardian Games will bring new Legendary armor sets, and thanks to this trailer, we also know that it's bringing a new Exotic machine gun called Heir Apparent. This looks to be the Cabal-themed machine gun which players first spotted in the season reveal trailer, but what it actually does is anyone's guess. It only gets a snippet in the Guardian Games trailer, and it kind of just looks like a machine gun. It's definitely a Solar weapon, and it may fire special energy rounds based on the look of those shells. 

Event rewards also seem to include score card emotes and potentially new shaders, but those may be Eververse-only. In any case, Destiny 2 could definitely use a pick-me-up, so hopefully the Guardian Games will give this season a shot in the arm. 

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Austin Wood

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