Destiny 2 Void Feast explained: How to finish the Void Feast bounty

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The Destiny 2 Void Feast bounty was introduced with the 2020 Guardian Games, and like several other event objectives, it's not immediately clear how you finish this bounty. So, we've prepared a quick guide to set the record straight. 

The description for Void Feast is: "As a Voidwalker using Attunement of Hunger, defeat enemies with Devour in streaks of 10 or more." Like many other Voidwalkers, when I first read this bounty, I assumed I'd need to activate Devour and then kill 10 or more enemies without letting its timer run out. 

As it turns out, what you actually need to do is get 10 or more kills with the charged Attunement of Hunger melee ability in a single life. In other words, play bottom-tree Voidwalker and get 10 charged melee kills without dying.

This is a bit more time-consuming than merely getting 10 kills with Devour active, but there are several ways to speed up the Void Feast bounty. Your best option is to use the Monte Carlo Exotic auto rifle, which is acquired as a random world drop. Dealing damage with Monte Carlo grants melee ability energy, and getting a kill has a high chance to instantly recharge it, so this is ideal for spamming charged melee kills. 

If you don't have Monte Carlo, you can use Nezarec's Sin with a void energy weapon to simulate Monte Carlo's recharge effect. Naturally, you can further improve your melee recharge rate by slapping on armor with high Strength or with Strength mods equipped. 

Once you have a suitable loadout, all you need to do is find some trash mobs - the Thrall in Escalation Protocol work great - and serve up some knuckle sandwiches. Voila, Void Feast, feasted.

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