Destiny 2 Forsaken and Shadowkeep weapons are returning with new perks

Destiny 2
(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 will reissue a total of 12 guns from the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions in its next big update, currently scheduled for July 6.

Bungie outlined the returning guns in its latest blog post. Nine weapons obtained on the Moon and three from the Dreaming City are on their way back. A few Moon weapons were reissued previously following the rollout and subsequent removal of weapon sunsetting, and this update will complete the set. Some Dreaming City weapons, most notably the Waking Vigil hand cannon and Retold Tale shotgun, were also re-released, but with this update we'll have the full set again. 

Unlike the last batch of re-issued Forsaken and Shadowkeep weapons, these will drop from their original sources. For the Shadowkeep guns, your best bet will be the weapon-specific Essence quests available at the Hive lectern on the Moon; for Forsaken guns, you'll basically just need to complete virtually any activity in the Dreaming City, from bounties sold by Petra to the Shattered Throne dungeon. 

Here are all of the guns returning in July. Each of these has had one new weapon perk added to its perk pool, and we've noted those as well. For the Shadowkeep weapons, we've also included links to short guides showing where to find the collectibles tied to each gun. 

A few of these weapons were big fan favorites back in the day, especially the Twilight Oath sniper rifle, and the others are equally deserving of more time in the sun. The Shadowkeep weapons, especially, barely got any limelight given the short gap between their release and the initial sunsetting rollout. It's nice to see them back. The Tranquility sniper rifle still has one of the best sound effects in the game – in my Destiny 2 Shadowkeep review, I described it as the sound of god slamming a garage door, and I stand by that – and the Loud Lullaby hand cannon could catch a second wind as an updated 120 RPM hand cannon. 

The latest teaser image for the Destiny 2 Witch Queen expansion hints at a new, long-rumored destination. 

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