Destiny 2 Witch Queen teaser image hints at long promised location

Destiny 2 Witch Queen
(Image credit: Bungie)

Bungie revealed a teaser image from their upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Witch Queen, in their latest blog post. 

In Bungie's latest This Week At Bungie , a picture from the hotly anticipated expansion was slotted in right at the end of the post. No further context was provided with the image, leaving players to scour any details and take what they could from it. 

The image shows what looks to be a Hunter in some pretty dark and drab clothes. That would go along with the expected tone of the expansion which is set to be very Hive- and Taken-focused. The Witch Queen refers to the long-teased antagonist Savathun, sister of the former Taken King. The spooky vibe should be strong.

However, perhaps more interesting than the focus of the image is the location. The Hunter can be seen in a swampy area with what looks to be abandoned cars. This is consistent with the long-rumoured 'Old Chicago' area in Destiny. 

While it never appeared in the first game, Old Chicago has been a location in the world of Destiny since before the first game came out. Like Europa, which released with Beyond Light, concept art of the location existed before even the release of Destiny 1. It was however eventually cut from the game and has only appeared in lore tabs since. 

Not too much is known about the area, but it has been mentioned sparsely.  It is, for example, where the exotic weapon Graviton Lance was found. There is also passing mention on Season of the Hunt armour of something luring and hunting Guardians down in the "tombs" underneath the city. Essentially, whatever is going on in Old Chicago, it's nothing good. It is of course possible this is another location entirely, or that this image doesn't tell the whole story, but at the very least, Bungie appears to be playing into fan expectations here. 

Witch Queen is sadly still a while off. While the expansion was meant to release at the end of this year, it has been pushed back into early 2022. This means that Guardians will have to be patient to finally have their dance with the long-teased Savathun. Thankfully, news hopefully won't be too far away, as it was also mentioned in This Week at Bungie that we'd be finding out more about Destiny's future "later in the summer". 

Bungie wants to bring Destiny to "additional media," so we could even see a TV show.

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