Destiny 2 anti-cheat adding auto bans for Trials of Osiris return

Destiny 2
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Destiny 2's integration of anti-cheat software BattlEye is "going well" and is now stepping things up with the addition of auto bans for some cheats.

Bungie commented on BattlEye's "soft launch" in its latest blog post. "We’ve been able to detect and remove numerous players attempting to circumvent our cheat detections while building upon the fresh foundation that BattlEye has provided us," writes community manager dmg04. "While we don’t have any specific numbers to share, we did want to note that our soft launch is going well!"

Destiny 2 is adding "automatic bans for a variety of cheats" in time for the first Trials of Osiris weekend of the ongoing Season of the Lost. The mode returns today, September 10, following a total loot overhaul meant to attract more players, particularly players who aren't as big on PvP. Trials is a high-stakes mode where players stand to lose the most by running into cheaters (and gain the most by cheating) and has always been at the center of the anti-cheat debate, so it's encouraging to see Bungie ramp up its anti-cheat efforts in time 

In an ideal world, these automatic bans will remove cheaters from PvP so quickly that players never even get a chance to encounter and report them. Bungie's made it clear that BattlEye is still getting comfortable with Destiny 2's systems, so there are surely refinements and improvements in store. This weekend's Trials run ought to be a pretty good acid test. 

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