Def Jam gets animated

Bubba Sparxxx wants to know if you're ready to get it on. Or at least that's what the rapper asks in his new Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover video, one of three released by publisher EA ahead of the rapper-filled fighting game's July 18 release.

The new, high-quality vids show off plenty of slick-looking gameplay footage, mixed in with close-ups of Sparxxx and Busta Rhymes getting hammy in the recording studio. One of them also offers up an in-depth look at the character-creation mode, which looks to be about as deep as the PS2 Def Jam: Fight for NY. For those who never played the original, that means you'll have control over everything from body type to tattoos to clothing to tiny bits of jewelry.

More importantly, the new movies offer up the best look at the game so far, and by PSP standards, it's jaw-dropping. The visuals aren't quite as crisp as they were on consoles, of course, but the jagged edges don't mar the smooth animation and over-the-top, bone-crunching action. There are also plenty of cringe-inducing moves on display, from Busta's back-breaker to an acrobatic stompdown from a custom-made character.

Of course, you'll be able to see - and play - all that for yourself when the game hits stores next week. But in the meantime, grab a sneak preview by hitting the Movies tab above.

July 10, 2006