When will Deathloop come to Xbox? You'll be waiting at least a year

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When will Deathloop come to Xbox? Despite the acclaimed shooter just launching for PS5 and PC, that question is a little tricky to answer.

Back in July, during a Deathloop-focused State of Play, Bethesda and Arkane once again confirmed that the game would be a PS5 console exclusive, also noting in the small print that Deathloop would be available on PC. That small print, however, also read "not available on other consoles until at least 09/14/22." That means that the very earliest Xbox players can expect to enjoy the game on their console of choice is next September, a year on from this week's release.

There's no guarantee, of course, that the game arrives on Xbox exactly 365 days on from its PS5 release, but Microsoft is unlikely to want to drag its feet. Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo are the only two Bethesda games coming exclusively to PS5 after Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda parent company Zenimax, and it's likely to want to get both games on its platform as soon as possible. It's already made some big moves on similar fronts - Starfield PS5 is not happening, and even a game as big as The Elder Scrolls 6 might be an Xbox exclusive.

Given that Deathloop is only available on PS5, it seems likely that when the game does arrive on Xbox, it'll be limited to a launch on Xbox Series X, meaning Xbox One owners will have to opt for PC, or try and get their hands on a newer console. We reached out to Bethesda for more information on Deathloop's eventual launch on Xbox, but it declined to comment.

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