Baldur's Gate 3 mods have reached peak wholesomeness with one that lets you hug and be hugged by "most characters"

Baldur's Gate 3
(Image credit: Larian/Cerberry)

There's a new Baldur's Gate 3 mod that is undeniably the RPG's most wholesome: hugging. You can hug most of your companions, and they can hug you back.

Honestly, with Baldur's Gate 3 romances being such an integral part of the gameplay and story, I'm surprised there isn't an official hug mechanic already. I mean, I probably don't need to tell y'all that you can do a lot more than hugging if you make the right dialogue choices. Plus, I recall many points in the story in which my Tav and other characters could've really used a warm hug.

The aptly named 'Hugs' mod, available via Nexus Mods, lets you add two new spells to your action panel that will target "any tall humanoid character/NPC and 'hug' them" using modded versions of Shadowheart and Halsin's hugging animations. There's even two different hugs available depending on how deeply you want to express your adoration and/or sympathy for someone; there's the Hug (Regular) spell and the Hug (Strong) spell, allowing you to use the appropriate gesture for the given situation.

It's worth noting that, while the mod works with any taller character, it'll also work on a short race character provided you're playing as a short race character. Modder Cerberry also notes that "the transition to hugs is not smooth" as "you'll have to click through 'Continue', "Leave', 'End' and often look at odd facial expressions since the conversation is missing the voice lines to play for you." Still, a hug's a hug.

Meanwhile, Bethesda's Todd Howard is feeling the love, reminding folks that Baldur's Gate 3 wasn't some "overnight success" for Larian: "Have you played their previous games?"

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