This Mass Effect deal is so good that even its producer thought it was too good to be true

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Steam discount is so good that one of its producers had to ask BioWare if it was a pricing error.

EA is currently holding a sale over on Steam for its published games, including series' like Battlefield, Titanfall, Need For Speed, and Mass Effect offered at huge discounts. You can bag the entire Mass Effect Legendary Edition collection at just $5.99, which is a staggering 90% discount for the first three games in the prolific BioWare RPG series.

The discount is so steep that Michael Gamble, who worked on the original Mass Effect trilogy as a producer at BioWare, thought it was a pricing error. In the tweet just below, Gamble reveals he had to ask BioWare's "pricing folks" if the Steam discount was actually correct, or "some sort of mistake," but thankfully, the producer adds that "it's real."

You can't really fault Gamble for this - my eyebrows hit the top of my forehead when I saw the deal for myself earlier today. You're getting three games, arguably some of the more influential modern RPGs, plus all their numerous DLC entries, for the price of a coffee (depending on what you're buying and where you're buying it, obviously).

If you're unfamiliar with Gamble's role, the producer first worked on Mass Effect 2 as a project manager, before heading into a more direct production role on Mass Effect 3. He also oversaw the two games' numerous DLC expansions, including the Lair of the Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2, and the Citadel expansion for Mass Effect 3.

Gamble would then go on to work as a producer on Mass Effect Andromeda, and is now leading production on BioWare's in-development Mass Effect 5. It's currently being developed by four series veterans at BioWare, including Gamble, which can only mean good things for the next entry in the Mass Effect franchise. 

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