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Death Stranding update will fix the miniscule font, your eyes will be grateful

(Image credit: Sony)

Death Stranding's upcoming December update focuses on player requests, according to Kojima Productions. The studio tweeted that the latest update will drop sometime in mid-December and will "address the most common requests from players such as the ability to increase text size or dispose of individual vehicles."

The miniscule font size has been a common complaint amongst players, as Death Stranding offers up quite a lot of reading material. There are lengthy menus, long emails to peruse, and a fairly busy UI with elements that are nearly-impossible to read (that map is a toughie, not gonna lie). A game with such a complex and enveloping story as Death Stranding benefits from objects that serve up exposition, so increasing the font size on reading material will only make the game better, and probably easier to understand. 

Tiny font has been plaguing the gaming community for quite some time now - The Witcher 3's initial font was painfully small, the Nintendo Switch port for Overwatch suffered with a case of tiny word-itis and as GamesRadar+ recently reported, a patch for The Outer Worlds upscaled the font to help with legibility. 

The Death Stranding update will also give players the chance to dispose of individual vehicles, and will likely address other common requests, but we're not sure which ones yet. An in-game portable music player that would let you listen to the Death Stranding original soundtrack doesn't sound like a bad idea, does it?

A PC version of Death Stranding (which will likely have all of these updates rolled into it) is set to drop sometime in summer 2020. 

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