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Death Stranding Mads Mikkelsen statue features LED tendrils and a "compelling gaze"

Prime 1 Studio Death Stranding Clifford Unger statue
(Image credit: Prime 1 Studio)

If you've ever wanted to turn your home into a shrine for the most handsome Death Stranding villain, a new half-scale Death Stranding Clifford Unger statue will do the trick for just $3,599.

The Black Edition Death Stranding statue recently went up for sale at Prime 1 Studio, and it depicts Cliff in his Combat Veteran clothes as seen in the (Death Stranding spoiler alert) World War 2 boss fight. The statue features fabric clothing and poseable tendrils with LEDs on the end, so you can pretend he's controlling you like one of his creepy undead soldiers. You might need to do some tricky stuff with the perspective since he's only 40 inches tall, but that feels true to Death Stranding in any case.

The bit that separates the Black Label statue from its standard edition counterpart (which is $1,000 cheaper and not limited to 250 pieces) is a silicone head which you can swap out for his standard polystone visage. It features synthetic hair as well to complete the dreamy otherworldly Mads Mikkelsen look, and both heads are modeled to capture Cliff at "his most compelling gaze".

Death Stranding was Kojima Productions' first project after its split with Konami, and it sounds like we may not have to wait long to hear about whatever comes next; art director Yoji Shinkawa recently teased that he may be able to announce his next project "quite soon".

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