Deadpool 2's Domino got the role because she could go "toe-to-toe" with Ryan Reynolds

Zazie Beetz wasn't the favored pick for the role of Domino in Deadpool 2 - she's a relative newcomer to Hollywood, and doesn't have the star power a bigger name could bring. So why did she get the part? According to an IGN interview with writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, a large part of it had to do with her chemistry with Ryan Reynolds.

"She, you know, in the read and in the test she went toe-to-toe with Ryan and that's not an easy task, he's such a brilliant actor," Wernick said. "She kept pace with him and that's reason enough to see how that plays out over the course of the next movie and franchise."

Reese agreed, saying that Beetz' performance will help inform their writing. "There's this very wonderful alchemy that happens when an actor starts to read the lines that we came up with. She just really sparked, and it really just flew off the screen. I think that we now will be able to write with her voice in mind more, which always helps too."

Directed by David Leitch and starring Ryan Reynolds, Stefan Kapicic, Zazie Beetz and Brianna Hidelbrand, Deadpool 2 will hit theaters sometime in 2018.

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