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Dead Space 2 schematics guide

How many ways are there to dismember a Necromorph in Dead Space 2? Lots. The answer is lots. But if you don’t know where to find the Schematics, you’ll end up fumbling for your lame little Plasma Cutter as the baddies are callously transforming you into a human soup-strainer. Wouldn’t you rather have some heavy weaponry and advanced armor? We’ve plotted the locations of all the game’s schematics so that you won’t miss a thing.

Schematics are broken up into each chapter in the game so you can collect everything as you go.


Power Node

At the end of the room with a conveyor belt, there’s a maintenance closet that can be unlocked at the cost of one power node. If you don’t have one, just go through the door to left of the closet and you’ll find one on the ground. Inside the maintenance closet you’ll find a schematic.

Stasis Pack

When you enter the tram station for the first time and the flaming train rushes by, look down at the tracks. Use kinesis to pick up this schematic.


Pulse Rifle

In the first room of Chapter 3, you’ll find this schematic sitting on a yellow rack at one of the corners of the room. It’s behind and to the left of the wrecked tram car.

Javelin Spears

Soon after a save point you’ll enter the large open room seen above. After dealing with the Necromorph ambush, go up the steps to your left and look near this booth and table for the schematic.


Security Suit

After you pass through the malfunctioning door you’ll find a save point. Just past that, there is this schematic, sitting on a high shelf to your left.



In the multi-level room where you reconfigure the gravity core, you can find this schematic on the lower level.

Medium Med Pack

Floating in mid-air when you reach the uppermost part of the gravity room where you found the previous schematic. You’ll need to have turned gravity off to reach it.

Line Racks

After a short crawl through the vents you’ll inevitably fall through a weak point. When you land, look for a door in front of you. Enter the door, and go straight ahead, peering behind the stacked crates to find this schematic.


After you get ambushed in the elevator by a Necromorph, you come upon this area with the floor to ceiling windows. Turn right and enter the office. Next to the save point is a schematic.