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Dead or Alive 5 is getting free costume DLC, including Mila dressing up as 1998 Tina

Team Ninja's new 3D fighter Dead or Alive 5 (opens in new tab) has some lovely free DLC already in the form of a set of spanking new outfits. There's a distinct retro theme here, as Zack reprises his shiny 'alien Teletubby' outfit from DoA2 and Helena dons her original operatic ensemble.

Above: Helena looking exactly like Helena should, and Zack looking exactly like an idiot

However, while others offer newer ideas, it's new girl Mila's homage to the original Dead or Alive's Tina that has the fanboy in us jumping up and down with delight. This is damn cool.

Above: Modern day gameplay (left) clearly surpasses 1998 CG (right). Tina looks jealous

In case you wanted to see more Dead or Alive ladies in various outfits, why not check out our recent 'Faces of Pain (opens in new tab)' DoA5 gallery?

Source: Electronic Theatre (opens in new tab)

Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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