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Dead or Alive 3DS will get new DLC every day

The concept of downloadable content on the Nintendo DS was almost nonexistent, and even for the few games that tried it, it was merely a matter of unlocking a piece of code that already existed in the DS cart. Tecmo Koei apparently wants to change that mentality right away as one of its first 3DS games, Dead or Alive: Dimensions, is on track to receive new DLC every day.

The 3D Dead or Alive game will reportedly make use of Nintendo's SpotPass feature, which allows the 3DS to remain seamlessly connected to the internet much in the same way the Wii does with WiiConnect24.

It isn't clear how long Tecmo plans to keep up with the daily downloads, but at least around the launch window, not only will there be new content up for grabs every day, some of the content will be tucked away for good after that day is over.

Discussion of the DLC in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu appeared to be limited to new costumes, which would explain how Tecmo Koei can churn out so much content so quickly.

The game is set to launch in Japan on March 24, when it will be greeted with DLC eagerly awaiting first-day buyers. After that, the exclusive costume will no longer be available.

Hopefully this feature will make its way to the US as well. Nintendo of America has been promoting SpotPass and 3DS' "social" features regularly, so it stands to reason we'll see persistant DLC. There's stillsome discrepancy as to when Dead or Alive: Dimensions will be available stateside though, with reports ranging from its availability as a launch title to GameStop's unofficial date of May 17.


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Mar 9, 2011