Dead Island Riptide collectibles


White Numbers on Map.


Diary #1: This can be found on the top floor of the Paradise Survival camp inside the room within the large building to the west side, with the recliner chair outside the door.

Dairy #2: This diary recording can be found in Halai where the survivors are grouped, upstairs by Rose.

Diary #3: Inside the shack, across from the boat that you need to find the engine for. Climb around behind it to find the ladder and climb up to the roof and then down the far side and enter.

Diary #4: When you reach the Santa Maria Mission during the “House of God” quest, go to the top floor and on the right side will be the diary on a chest.

Diary #5: Once you enter Kessler’s Lab, go straight across to the window and the diary will be on the desk to the left side.

Diary #6: When in the tunnels, enter the room with the large radar, go down the ramp on the right and then up the stairs on the left. At the top of the stairs, there will be a fenced room with shelves. Look for the diary in there, against the far wall to the left.


Diary #7: As soon as you enter the Make-Shift Hospital in Henderson, look behind the counter to the left and the diary will be right there.

Diary #8: In the patio area of the Infected Warehouse Dead zone, there will a couple tables there. Look on one of them to find the diary on it.

Diary #9: When you enter the flooded streets in Henderson, go to the left (east) when you can, and you will find this diary in a crate on the right side.

Diary #10: Along the west side of Henderson, below the Military base, you can follow a narrow walkway going south. Follow it along and look to the left side- while heading south- and you will come to a stack of barrels and crates. Hop behind them to find the diary there on a group of boxes.








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