Dead Island Riptide collectibles


Green Numbers on Map.


Postcard #1: You can find this firs postcard inside the Drink Bar on the bar at the Paradise survival camp.

Postcard #2: At the Drink Bar at the Kiwi Campground, you can enter the bar by hopping up on some boxes and finding the postcard on the table.

Postcard #3: In Halai, near the infirmary, there is an upper level building you can enter that has a workbench and a woman named Makaylain it. Look for the postcard to the right when you enter.

Postcard #4: Just north of the Hanging Joe marker, there is a platform in the swamp that has a camp site set up. You can find the postcard on a mattress there.

Postcard #5: During the “Ritual” quest, you will need to head to Marcus Villa’s hut in Mataka Village to retrieve a map. Once you have found the tree bark to enter it, look for the post card inside the hut.

Postcard #6: At the right side of the blue hut in the southern part of Marik’s Marina, look on the table there to find the post card sitting there.


Postcard #7: For this postcard, you’ll need to enter “Nick’s House” here to find this postcard. When you enter it, go to the second floor and enter the bathroom to find it on the shelf.

Postcard #8: This postcard can be found in front of the bank in Henderson, to the right of the front doors, you can spot this on the ground.

Postcard #9: Found in the small building to the very south of Henderson, South west of Ogio Moke’s laundry dead zone

Postcard #10: When you are looking for the cinema during the “City New Comer” quest, cross the first bridge and follow the stairs down on the left side. Follow the walk way there to the end and you will find this on the left side.

Postcard #11: When you exit the theater on your way to the military base, go east and pass the Infected Basement dead zone. In the next patio area, there will be the post card on a table.

Postcard #12: This card can be found on a bench near the toppled umbrella and south of the archway.

Postcard #13: Inside Rodrigo’s store, just east of the infected Apartments Dead Zone, it will be on the wall behind the counter.

Postcard #14: On the roof just outside of the Cinema, go to the far northeast corner to find the postcard on the table there.

Postcard #15: This can be found on a bench directly across from where Eva is on the roof of the store where her boss is located in the Henderson Villa area.








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