DC Twitter shows glimpses of their Infinite Frontier future

DC Infinite Frontier teaser images
(Image credit: DC)

DC is playing up the idea of 'Infinite' in a series of variant covers for its flagship titles when they return in March 2021 following 'Future State.'

On Twitter, the publisher revealed variant covers for Batman #106, Justice League #59, Superman #29, and Wonder Woman #770 - each with an accompanying phrase.

Wonder Woman #770 - "Infinite legends"

(Image credit: DC)

We've seen this Travis Moore illustration before, revealed as part of the announcement of Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad along with Moore as the new creative team beginning with March's Wonder Woman #770.

Superman #29 - "Infinite hope"

(Image credit: DC)

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Phillip Kennedy Johnson as lead writer of both Superman and Action Comics, this John Timms variant features the Superman family - with Superboy standing in front of Superman - and a second grouping with includes Steel, the other Superboy (Kon-El), Mongul, and others.

Batman #106 - "Infinite mysteries"

(Image credit: DC)

This Jorge Jimenez piece features the Bat-family posed on top of a familiar Gotham skyline. Jimenez and James Tynion IV will be resuming their Batman run with #106, while Mariko Tamaki and artist Dan Mora are taking over Detective Comics with March's #1034.

"In Gotham 2021, we did not come to play, we came to WIN," Tynion tweeted Thursday. "We wanted to build the most exciting line in comics with some of the best creators in the industry. And we are just getting started."

Interesting elements in the image include Barbara Gordon looking a lot more like Oracle than Batgirl, who we're assuming is Tim Fox the future Next Batman in pre-Next Batman civilian attire, and brand new duds for Damian.  

Justice League #59 - "Infinite adventures"

(Image credit: DC)

This David Marquez image features the same JL line-up that Brian Michael Bendis teased on Instagram earlier this week... but also shares a look at John Stewart/Green Lantern, the cast of Teen Titans Academy, Wally and Barry, Shazam, the Justice League, and Suicide Squad (revealing more new cast members). 

This all lends credence to our theory that this March 2021 change-over is the start of a new DC era titled Infinite Frontier.

Look for follow-up from DC very soon. 

The introduction of a new DC era is as good a time as any to revisit the best DC stories of all time (selected by the readers)!

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