Is the next big DC era called Infinite Frontier? - possible spoilers

Dark Nights: Death Metal #6
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A new era appears to be assembling at DC in March with new titles, new creative teams on its major ongoing titles, and more. And now, we might have a name for it: Infinite Frontier.

In a 'DC Comics Direct Channel' email to retailers promoting the recently-announced Joker ongoing series, they offhandedly refer to an unannounced comic, possibly a one-shot, titled Infinite Frontier #1 which will influence that ongoing series.

"This issue directly follows Infinite Frontier #1 -- and The Joker is the most wanted man in the world!" reads the retailer notice. 

Assuming Infinite Frontier #1 works like 2016's DC Universe: Rebirth #1, it would set up the "big initiative in March" that writer Scott Snyder tweeted about earlier this month that would be set up by the finale of Dark Nights: Death Metal on January 5.

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The name 'Infinite Frontier' seems to gel with the unifying idea of 'One Universe' introduced in this week's penultimate issue of Dark Nights: Death Metal, where the heroes (and some villains) of various universes across the DC Multiverse decided to work together to defeat the event's big bad.

"Death Metal is very tied into and hooks into everything happening on the other side—the whole DCU is working together, plus we have some surprises lined up later in the year," Snyder told Newsarama in October.

Earlier this year Snyder told Newsarama that Death Metal would be his last major project for DC's central line for a while, but knowing Snyder he's not one to leave without a surprise at the end.

Whatever Infinite Frontier is, it would also dovetail into DC's rebranding of its streaming comics app DC Universe as DC Universe Infinite in 2021 as well. 

Look for DC's full March 2021 solicitations later this week on Newsarama.

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