The new DC Justice League revealed on Instagram by Brian Bendis

The new Justice League?
(Image credit: DC)

Update: DC has tweeted a Justice League image that seems to corroborate the new Infinite Frontier-era Justice League line-up.

It looks like Brian Bendis will write and David Marquez will draw Justice League when the series returns with issue #59 in March. 

Justice League #59 variant cover by David Marquez (Image credit: DC)

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It appears near-certain writer Brian Bendis' next high-profile gig at DC will be as writer of a Justice League title and he may be bringing along his old Marvel Ultimate Comics Spider-Man cohort, artist David Marquez, along for the ride. 

DC is smack dab in the middle of an information surge in advance of their Friday release of its March 2021 solicitations, which will feature the post-Death Metal/post-Future State return of their refreshed core monthly line-up, a new era that may be branded by the publisher as "Infinite Frontier."

Most returning titles will feature new creative teams, many of the same writers from their finite January-February Future State counterparts, though it looks like Justice League may be an exception. 

Bendis posted this image by Marquez to his Instagram account Wednesday, clearly teasing an announcement that will come sometime before noon ET on Friday. 

Bendis and Marquez recently teamed up for a story called 'The Master Class' in the giant-sized Detective Comics #1027.

The new Justice League (?) by David Marquez (Image credit: DC)

The line-of of this iteration of the or a Justice League appears to feature a relatively familiar roster that includes Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and Hawkgirl, but also includes Wonder Woman's mother Hippolyta, Black Canary, Green Arrow (more on him in a second), Naomi McDuffie (the Wonder Comics Bendis-created character without superhero name), and either Black Adam or Shazam. 

Although the shaded coloring effect leaves some ambiguity as to whether its Shazam or Black Adam, as we previously speculated given the latter's prominent role in this month's Justice League event Endless Winter, his inclusion in the Future State Justice League family of titles, and the upcoming Black Adam film starring Dwayne Johnson, we're going with it being the long-time villain/anti-hero. 

Newsarama also has reason to believe, perhaps surprisingly, Green Arrow - who was to figure prominently in Bendis's canceled limited series Event Leviathan: Checkmate - will be the leader of this Justice League. We'll expand on that later Thursday. 

In a recent Twitter post, Bendis (whose account features an image of Naomi) thanked fans for their warm sentiments in regards to his concluding run as Action Comics and Superman writer and suggested he wasn't done writing Superman. 

"I'm deeply moved by what’s going on in my feeds today. Thank you for letting me write Superman for you," he tweeted. "It's a soft departure as I'm not leaving the characters and will continue writing them in multiple projects BUT This was an absolute honor."

Look for the official announcement by Bendis and/or DC soon. 

Maybe someday this new Justice line-up will make Newsarama’s countdown of the best Justice League line-ups of all time.

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