New Superman and Action Comics creators aiming to change Man of Steel and DC "forever"

Superman #29
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Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson has taken the reins as DC's Superman writer, taking over both the flagship Superman title and its sister title, Action Comics, beginning in March 2021. 

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"I can't begin to describe what an honor it is to be writing Superman and Action Comics, especially following one of my industry heroes, Brian Michael Bendis," Johnson says in the announcement. "One of my very earliest memories is the thrill I felt watching the Christopher Reeve Superman films for the first time. My goal for every issue will be to give readers that same physical reaction, and the same lofty aspirations that Superman inspires: the desire to be better than we are, and to do more than the world thinks we can do.”

Johnson's run will begin with a two-part story titled 'The Golden Age' in Superman #29 and Action Comics #1029, drawn by Phil Hester and Eric Gapstur. In the storyline, Superman's son Jonathan Kent (Superboy) returns from his schooling in the 31st Century to find his father fighting leviathans from a section of outer space called the Breach - creatures which, in the 31st Century, were said to have killed Superman.

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In the announcement, DC goes on to frame 'The Golden Age' story as a "prelude to DC's MASSIVE Superman event!" without giving us any more details.

Immediately following 'The Golden Age,' the regular artists of Superman and Action Comic will be Scott Godlewski and Daniel Sampere, respectively.

"The work I'm doing now with Phil Hester, Scott Godlewski, and Daniel Sampere is already some of my favorite of my career," Johnson says. "All three are wizards on the page, and the massive event that we're building up to in Action Comics is a considerably bigger swing than I ever expected to get in comics."

At some point, Mikel Janin will be coming for "a special Superman project."

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"It's no exaggeration to say it will change Superman's status quo forever and have a lasting impact across the entire DC Universe," Johnson continues. "The already iconic Future State: Superman: Worlds of War artwork that you've seen from Mikel Janín in recent months is just the tip of the iceberg of what he and I have planned together. Stay tuned, you will NOT want to miss what’s coming."

And like several other post-'Future State' ongoings, both Superman and Action Comics will have back-up serials.

Sean Lewis and Sami Basri will be doing a Jimmy Olsen serial called 'Tales of Metropolis' in Superman, while Future State: Midnighter writers Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad will be continuing their run with the WildStorm alum in an Action Comics back-up serial drawn by Michael Avon Oeming.

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