Days Gone's brand new wedding trailer is a real punch in the feels

We always suspected that Deacon St John, star of zombies and bikers adventure Days Gone, had a past, but we still weren't prepared for just what a humdinger of a tragic backstory it was. This morning fans were invited to the wedding of Deacon and his beloved, and it got really messy, really fast. 

Sure, the fact that in the game Deacon is clearly a lone wolf with more emotional baggage than a Bachelor contestant hinted that something bad had happened to Sarah Whitaker, but the trailer really rams it home. We get to see their unlikely wedding day - him, the bad boy biker, her, the botanist with a degree in biochemistry - in flashback before it jumps to present day and the appearance of a rival gang and some freakers in the now ruined church. 

Will Sarah's very specific expertise have a role to play in explaining why the world of Days Gone is suddenly filled with the zombie-esque freakers that Deacon has to battle? 

After a few delays Days Gone is now due for release on April 26, and has all the makings of a sleeper hit for developer Bend Studio. The big open world - rainy woodland and small camps, rather than the usual urban wreckage or post-apocalyptic desert - is just begging to be explored on your trusty bike, which you can upgrade and customize. As well as trying to survive, picking off freakers you meet in the wild, you'll also have to face hundreds of them at once in the game's Horde mode

Days Gone is just one of the new games of 2019 that are worth watching.  

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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