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Days Gone PC version launches in May with ultra-wide monitor support

Days Gone
(Image credit: SIE Sony Bend Studios)

Days Gone arrives on PC next month on May 18, with a number of new, platform-specific features.

The new release date for the PC port of Bend Studio's epic zombie game was revealed earlier today in the trailer below, which offers a look at a bunch of brand new features for the PC version of Days Gone, as well as the new release date of May 18.

As for those new features, there's some pretty impressive stuff. Firstly, there's a new "super resolution photo mode" according to a PlayStation Blog post from developer Bend Studio, which seems to be a decent upgrade from the version of the mode that featured in the PS4 version of Days Gone.

Additionally, there's also ultra-wide monitor support for Days Gone on PC. That's 21:9 ultra-monitor support specifically, and this ultra-wide monitor function is perfect for the game's expanded photo mode, a shot of which you can check out just below.

Days Gone

(Image credit: PlayStation)

Elsewhere, there's a completely unlocked frame rate for Days Gone on PC. The PS5 backwards compatible version of the game boosted things up to 60FPS, but it seems like the PC version of Days Gone can technically go well beyond that 60FPS benchmark, if your rig can handle it.

Finally, there'll be new customizable display options in the PC port of Days Gone. The new features in this department include the option for increased detail and foliage, draw distances, and other graphical customizations. There's a whole lot to get stuck into with the PC port for Days Gone, and there's only just over a month to wait until it's finally here.

Just last week, a new report claimed that Bend Studio had tried to pitch Sony on a Days Gone sequel in 2019 following the release of the original game. It's claimed by the report that Sony turned the pitch down and that Sony Bend was now working on other projects. One of these was said to be a new Uncharted game, while another related to the multiplayer mode for The Last of Us 2.

Shortly after the report first broke, original Days Gone director Jeff Ross, who exited the studio after the game's release in 2019, spoke of the planned sequel. Ross claimed that it would've featured a shared online world, with players teaming up to fight the hordes together. It's a shame that we might never get to see a Days Gone sequel, especially with what the game's tantalizing secret ending reveals (for more on that, head over to our Days Gone secret ending guide for more).

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