Days Gone just got a 25gb performance patch ahead of PS5 launch

Days Gone
(Image credit: SIE Bend Studio)

SIE Bend seems to be preparing Days Gone for its upcoming PS5 release, as the zombie survival game just got a 25gb patch dedicated to performance and stability.

As spotted by Push Square, the latest Days Gone patch notes are actually really brief despite the update's massive size. Bringing Days Gone up to version 1.70, the chonky patch doesn't add any new content, instead focusing exclusively on framerate, crash issues, and performance and stability in general. Here are the four little notes that make up this absolute unit of a patch:

  • Added operational stability improvements
  • Addressed crashing issues
  • Fixed framerate drop and lag issues
  • Performance and stability performance

Sony hasn't actually said anything about the Days Gone patch being related to the PS5, but it's too much of a coincidence to ignore. Days Gone is one of the games included in the PS Plus Collection, a bundle of games that will be available on PS5 at launch and free to anyone with a PS Plus subscription. For that reason, it's likely that SIE Bend is prepping Days Gone for a smooth transition to PS5 backwards compatibility. It's not the only game Sony is improving in the days before PS5 launches.

Those lucky enough to score a PS5 this season will have plenty to play without having to spend a dime, provided they're subscribed to PlayStation Plus, that is. In addition to all of the games included in the PS Plus Collection, PlayStation recently announced that Bugnsax will be free on PS5 to PS Plus subscribers for a limited time.

If you're thinking of checking SIE Bend's Freaker apocalypse story for the first time on PS5, don't miss our essential Days Gone tips.

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