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Bugsnax is a free PS Plus game on PS5 at launch

(Image credit: Young Horses)

Bugsnax will be free on PS5 for all PS Plus members when it launches on Sony's next-gen console in December.

The pretty astounding news was revealed earlier today through the PlayStation Blog. As you can see below, Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition are both the free PS Plus games for PS4 players in November, but Bugsnax is being thrown in as a freebie for all PS5 players at launch.

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The zany adventure game from Young Horses has probably been one of the standout games revealed in 2020 thus far, and it's been one of my personal most anticipated games over the course of this year.

It's pretty incredibly that Bugsnax is being given away free for all PS Plus players who upgrade to the PS5 in November. Keep in mind that Bugsnax is only free for PS5 players though, if you're planning on playing the game on the current PS4, you'll need to shell out full price for it.

Additionally, you can check out the final launch trailer for Bugsnax just below. If you're unaware of the general premise of the game, you play an investigative journalist, trying to score it big for your editor by investigating the mysterious Bugsnax phenomenon.

Bugsnax will be available for free for PS Plus members on PS5 starting from November 5. You'll be able to take advantage of this giveaway and download it until January 4, 2021.

For a look at all the other games joining Bugsnax as a day one game on Sony's next-gen console, head over to our PS5 launch games guide for more.

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