The Darkness II will feature 'sex scenes'. Eww... tentacle love?

The Darkness II has been re-submitted for rating by the Australian Classification Board after the addition of (gasp!) 'sex scenes'. Perhaps surprisingly, the game has maintained its MA15+ rating, which is the same as it got the first time round, sans-sexy.

But crikey - looking at trailers for the game, it's amazing what passes for a 15 these days, with shootings, stabbings, disemberment and full on choppy-in-half executions. A little how's your father seems a little trivial in comparison, no? So the scenes passed inspection with no edits required.

We duly searched through Darkness II press assets for a picture of a male and female embrace from the game, but all we could find was imagery like this...

Above: Death by tentacle

...which we sincerely hope won't have anything to do with the scenes in question. So we've tried to imagine how it might look, working with what we've been given.

Above: Hey, the birds do it, the bees do it - someone's got to make new tentacles

The game, now with added naughty bits, will hit UK shops on February 10, US stores on February 7 and Australian... (can't think of an Australian word for 'shop' - sorry) on February 10.

Source: MCV

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