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Dark Souls: Nightfall is a "direct sequel" made by modders

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

A group of Dark Souls modders are working on a "giant" new project intended to act as a "direct sequel" to the original game. In a blog post, renowned modder Scott 'Grimrukh' Mooney introduced Dark Souls: Nightfall.

Grimrukh, who's responsible for Dark Souls' acclaimed Daughters of Ash mod, has been working on Nightfall with a number of other modders since last year. In their blog post, they say that the project is "a direct sequel to Dark Souls" which expands on its lore without clashing with the base game.

Beyond the narrative implications, it looks like Nightfall is a significant undertaking. Grimrukh claims there'll be a new world map made from rearranged assets, a "heavily-modified, faster-paced combat system" against enemies whose attack animations have been "heavily modified," and new, voice-acted NPCs.

All that adds up to a mod that is "larger and more ambitious" than Grimrukh's last project. That's saying quite a bit, as Daughters of Ash took two years and 1,000 hours of development. Admittedly that was the work of just one person - Grimrukh worked on it by themselves throughout 2017 and 2018 - but given the scope of Nightfall, it could be a number of years before a finished version of the mod sees the light of day. Sadly, it also looks like we won't get to see much of the mod until it's out, as beyond the information shared today, Grimrukh implies they'll be keeping pretty quiet.

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