Dark Souls board game funded with more than $5 million raised, praise the fun

Visions of joy ahead: The official Dark Souls board game (opens in new tab) Kickstarter campaign (opens in new tab) came to a close today, and every single one of its stretch goals has been met. That means a total of 14 grunt types, 10 player classes, 10 armor sets, 10 invaders, six summonable allies, and five bosses when the game launches in spring 2017. That's a lot of Dark Souls for your tabletop.

Know what else is a lot? The obscene amount of money this Kickstarter raised. With a final tally of more than £3.6 million/$5 million, this means that the board game raised more than 7,300 percent of its initial goal of £50,000/$70,832. Hopefully Steamforged Games, the creators of the game, don't get taken out by a trap or a boss or something. It would suck to lose that many souls-- er, dollars.

Although the board game pulls inspiration from the entire Dark Souls series, its most significant contributor appears to be Dark Souls 3 (opens in new tab), as several player classes, bosses, and armor sets are unique to FromSoftware's latest dismal adventure. To see the game in action, watch the demo below:

Prepare to dice.

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