Dark Souls board game funded with more than $5 million raised, praise the fun

Visions of joy ahead: The official Dark Souls board game Kickstarter campaign came to a close today, and every single one of its stretch goals has been met. That means a total of 14 grunt types, 10 player classes, 10 armor sets, 10 invaders, six summonable allies, and five bosses when the game launches in spring 2017. That's a lot of Dark Souls for your tabletop.

Know what else is a lot? The obscene amount of money this Kickstarter raised. With a final tally of more than £3.6 million/$5 million, this means that the board game raised more than 7,300 percent of its initial goal of £50,000/$70,832. Hopefully Steamforged Games, the creators of the game, don't get taken out by a trap or a boss or something. It would suck to lose that many souls-- er, dollars.

Although the board game pulls inspiration from the entire Dark Souls series, its most significant contributor appears to be Dark Souls 3, as several player classes, bosses, and armor sets are unique to FromSoftware's latest dismal adventure. To see the game in action, watch the demo below:

Prepare to dice.

Sam Prell

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