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The Dark Souls board game was funded in 3 minutes. Prepare to dice

Clearly people want a Dark Souls board game as its kickstarter (opens in new tab)was more or less instantly funded, hitting its £50,000 goal in three minutes. Currently it’s sat at £448,850 with 26 days to go. I think that’ll probably do okay, then. 

The game's by Steamforged and isn’t exactly cheap with the base kickstarter/retail price coming in at £80 (£75 if you snagged an early bird). However, it’s a pretty luxurious looking set, check out what you get: 

That is a lot of little bits to lose/tread on. In among all that are Knight, Warrior, Herald and Assassin heroes, bosses like Dancer of The Boreal Valley, and your friends and mine, Smough and Ornstein. There’s also mini-bosses like a Titanite Demon and even an invader. Plus there are grunts, dice, cards and bonfires to reappear at when you eventually get hammered to death.

Steamforged has promised "will be the hardest board game you have ever played” and you can get some idea of what that involves from this demo video: 

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