A Dark Souls bet turned so sour it ended up in TV court

Sometimes games bets get serious. Possibly a little too serious when the fiendish Dark Souls is involved and this one ended up on ITV court room show Judge Rinder. Here's Thomas.

The reason Thomas looks so awkward is because he foolishly got somewhat inebriated at the Glastonbury music festival and bet his friend Michael and brother David that he would complete Dark Souls in the year before the next Glastonbury. He apparently even said, in his pie-eyed state, that it would be "very easy."

This is Michael and David.

The reason they look so sheepish is because they brought Thomas to a real life (fake) court to ask for the £100 he owes them for not in fact completing Dark Souls on the hardest difficulty in a year. Below is Judge Rinder. He's the UK's answer to Judge Judy and he's not impressed.

Evidence brought to the court? A printed contract that was drawn up by the brothers to make sure that Thomas knew he was meant to be completing the game, despite his protestations that he couldn't remember the conversation in the first place. One major flaw was that this was not signed by Thomas and appeared to have been created in something similar to Microsoft Paint. Thomas' defence was that he'd gone to uni and, I quote, "a degree is easier than Dark Souls." He's probably right.

Judge Rinder was suitably disparaging about the affair, hiding his head in his hands and despairing that he "used to do international law" as the duo explained why they'd suggested that Thomas complete the game as the Deprived class. If you remember that means you're dressed in only a loincloth.

While it's probably not the best representation the gaming community could ever have with Rinder unable to hide his comedy contempt, it's a lesson in what happens when you decide to make ridiculous claims about Dark Souls. You end up in fake court, with your fake friends and the case gets dismissed for being utterly ludicrous. You can catch up with the full episode on ITV's catch up service here.

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