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Dark Souls 3 trailer shows you how to live, die, and kill again

This latest Dark Souls 3 trailer is crammed with action-packed battle scenes, but I can't be the only one getting tired of game videos accompanied by downtempo '80s covers (I'm looking at you, Assassin's Creed). Whatever your feelings on Cyndi Lauper may be, the sword-slinging, circle-strafing combat is looking great.

If you've wanted to get into a swordfight with a skeleton ever since you saw Jason and the Argonauts, Dark Souls 3 will for sure have you covered. You can also check out some recent Japanese livestreams for a closer look at how the Knight and Cleric classes will cut down their creepy foes, or to see how the dagger's Weapon Arts will let you do your best Bloodborne impression.

Bandai Namco and From Software plan to release Dark Souls 3 outside of Japan on April 12. At least two DLC packs will be added to the game after that as part of the Dark Souls 3 Season Pass. And you can look forward to months of confusion as people try to figure out what that one stat actually affects and whether it has anything to do with certain doors refusing to open.

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Connor Sheridan
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