Dark Souls 3 opening cinematic introduces the Lords of Cinder

The Souls games are not usually the type to spell out their story - heck, that's part of the series' charm. So it might be a bit surprising that the intro cinematic for Dark Souls 3 tells you exactly what you're up against: those who linked themselves to the flame, who became kindling to keep darkness at bay. The Lords of Cinder.

Okay, so it's not super overt. There's still plenty of archaic language, structured not around clarity, but around drama. I'm not sure why else someone would say "ash seeketh embers." Still, at least now we know three of the big bads coming our way: Aldrich, Saint of the Deep, Farron and his Undead Legion, and Yhorm the Giant.

Keep those names etched in your memory. You'll want to spell them right when Googling "how to beat [insert name]" when Dark Souls 3 comes to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on April 12.

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Sam Prell

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