Dan Abnett Writing New Fantasy Trilogy

Gollancz has snapped up prolific genre writer Dan Abnett’s new heroic fantasy trilogy, The Wield. Abnett is best known for his Warhammer novels and movie-inspiring run on the Guardians Of The Galaxy comics. He most recently scripted ace videogame Alien: Isolation for British developers The Creative Assembly, and he and his partner Nik Vincent wrote the Tomb Raider novel The Ten Thousand Immortals.

The Wield is a standalone, action-packed trilogy that takes place in a human-populated society with a dark ages culture. It follows an ancient and elite band of warriors, so expect bloody battles aplenty. The first volume is due for release in November 2016 as a trade paperback and ebook, with books two and three following in 2017 and 2018.

Speaking exclusively with SFX Abnett says, “The Wield is a story that I think will entertain people. It’s a story that’s entertaining me, anyway, and while writers really shouldn’t write to please themselves, I think that’s a good indicator. A reader can sense and share a writer’s enthusiasm. The books that, as a reader, I have enjoyed the most over the years have been the ones where I could really feel how compelled the authors were, that these were books that engaged them, that these were stories that they would want to read. And many of those books were published by Gollancz, which makes it particularly wonderful to be joining their list.”

Find out more about the deal at the website of publisher Gollancz.

Jordan Farley
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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