Cyclops leads a mission with his grown-up kids in X-Men #16 preview

X-Men #16
(Image credit: Phil Noto (Marvel Comics))

Cyclops takes his two kids, Nathan (Cable) and Rachel Summers, out on a mission in December 30's X-Men #16.

Scott has had a somewhat tenuous relationship with his kids, and the fact that they're from alternate universes and distant futures doesn't help any. But since the advent of the 'Dawn of X' era, a more cohesive Summers family unit has formed.

This trio of Summers' mission is to investigate problems with their island nation Krakoa's recent bonding with its formerly-rogue sister island, Arakko. 

Check out this two-page preview by series writer Jonathan Hickman and guest artist Phil Noto (from the Cable series):

"The Captain Commander of Krakoa made a fateful decision," read Marvel's succinct solicitation for the issue. "There's no going back."

This is the first X-Men issue since the advent of the new 'Reign of X' era for Marvel's mutant books, with Hickman remaining the line’s architect. Among the things the writer said to expect is for an actual X-Men team to be formed by Summers and Jean Grey. Although this volume has been underway for over a year, it has yet to feature a formal X-Men team - but has instead focused on the nation of mutants with Cyclops leading varying unofficial mission teams.

Hickman has explained that upcoming issues of X-Men will be about 'expansion' of mutantkind, following the formation of its 'foundation' in the previous 'Dawn of X' era.

X-Men #16 goes on sale on December 30, with a primary cover by Leinil Francis Yu and a 'Knullified' variant by Iban Coello. Here they are:

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