Cyberpunk 2077 characters introduce you to your new Night City frenemies

(Image credit: CD Projekt)

The cast of Cyberpunk 2077 characters grows every time we get a new look at the game. With its E3 2019 demo in the neon-flecked rear-view mirror, developer CD Projekt Red is using the game's official Twitter account to share more details about some of the folks it introduced (or re-introduced) at the show.

First are some familiar faces from the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2019 trailer. Back at E3 2018, it looked like Dex was going to take V into the big leagues of mercenary work in Night City. But Dex doesn't take kindly to employees who make too much noise on the job, since he was awfully quick to turn on V during the CGI trailer. It was especially cold after V's pal Jackie died for the cause.

Bug is another specialist on Dex's payroll, but unlike V, she does her work in cyberspace. Bug is one of the best netrunners in Night City, and she's so good that she can even hack into V's cyberware on the fly to disable his creepy reaper arm blade. She isn't good enough to stop V from shooting her with his organic hand, but I'm hoping this is just one potential outcome since she seems like a pretty cool character.

Here we meet Maman Brigitte, the boss of the Voodoo Boys gang. In the E3 demo we saw she helps guide V deep into cyberspace (that's that weird ice bath scene you may have noticed in the brief gameplay trailer) so he can find some answers about a strange chip in his head. This kind of deep cyberspace trip goes beyond the typical netrunning - it's almost like a spiritual experience.

Then we meet Maman Brigitte's number one. Not only is Placide a fierce lieutenant with cool cyberware and little regard for V's life, he's also an actual butcher. People still need their animal corpses cut into bits in the future, right?

Speaking of animals, meet Sasquatch, boss of the bio-modified Animals gang. If this brawny character design (complete with a huge sledgehammer) has you immediately thinking "boss fight", you aren't wrong. Maybe there will be some other way to approach the situation, but I'm sure Sasquatch doesn't lug that hammer around just for its aesthetic appeal.

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