Crysis 3 leaks onto Origin: more info promised soon

As a series, Crysis is known for its big guns, hefty system requirements and unsubtle approach to futuristic face-shooting. However the series' third installment shows a stealthier side, as evidenced by the shadowy color-palette and badass compound bow on show in the game's first promo imagery. Oh yeah, and the way that imagery snuck out of Crytek in the first place, accidentally (or “accidentally”) showing up for preorder on Origin.

“The best-kept secret in shooters just can't be contained,” tweeted Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli after the images had rendered his secret rather poorly-kept indeed: “Stay tuned for more information on April 16.” In the meantime, Russia's Mad Fanboy (via CVG) has another archery-themed image from the title, apparently set in an overgrown, jungle-like New York City. Expect to learn and see plenty more next Monday.