Croc and roles

Greg McLean made a bloody splash in 2005 with Wolf Creek, and since then seems to have been hard at work at just one thing – actually getting his follow-up into cinemas. His tale of a journalist (Alias’ Michael Vartan) investigating a giant crocodile on a killing spree started shooting back in late 2005 and has since lingered in release date limbo.

It’s getting a limited release across the pond, so hopefully lovers of big crocs will get their toothy fill later this year. Shock ‘Till You Drop has the trailer .

Arriving for the first time – and enjoying a much swifter trip to our fleapits - is Sundance sensation Hamlet 2. Starring Steve Coogan as a failed actor-turned high school drama teacher who pens the world’s most politically incorrect musical sequel to Shakespeare’s most famous play, it looks like a winner. Moviefone has the footage.

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