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Critical Role miniatures are coming out soon including a ridiculously massive Udaak

Critical Role miniatures
(Image credit: WizKids)

With the show's second season drawing to a close, may we interest you with some Critical Role miniatures in this trying time? We now know when we can get our claws on the new D&D minis, and it's days away - they launch this June 2, 2021. The full set is available to pre-order now.

Minis bring any D&D session to life, but the new Critical Role miniatures (the first batch in an official partnership with WizKids) go one better. Besides being pre-painted and ready to play right off the bat, the range features some properly colossal models to ruin your party's day. Is that a foot-tall Udaak? Yes. Yes, it is.

The current range includes groups and monsters from across the world of Wildemount (the Critical Role podcast's setting), and many of the figures are inspired by artwork seen throughout the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount sourcebook. We've listed the full set below, but you can choose from the continent's three factions (there are separate packs for the Dwendalian Empire, Kryn Dynasty, and Clovis Concord), two monster bundles, or the premium Udaak figure.

I managed to go hands-on with each set, and the monsters in particular are standouts. Intricate and well-painted with a clear love for their inspiring source material. Especially the Udaak - as you'd expect from a premium figure costing $79.99, it's hugely detailed and has an impressive presence on the table. Which isn't any wonder, considering the fact that it's the size of a small cat.

Critical Role miniatures - pre-order

Monsters of Wildemount (1) | $59.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Memorable creatures to battle are the lifeblood of D&D, so these Critical Role miniatures are the crown jewels of the collection. You're getting an array of unusual monsters here, including the incredibly creepy Core Spawn Seer and Aeorian Nullifier.

Monsters of Wildemount (2) | $59.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The second monster pack is as good as the first, if not better - it features Critical Role miniatures of the Swavain Basilisk and the Nergaliid, the latter of which is fantastic. They bring a lot of menace to the table.

Udaak | $79.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
OK, now we're talking. The headline act of the Critical Role miniatures range, the Udaak is an impressive premium figure that's genuinely massive - I was taken aback by its size. It's well worth investing in if you want a show-stopping boss fight.

Dwendalian Empire | $49.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
With figures ranging from noble aristocrats to Dragonborn warriors, this set brings you eight Critical Role miniatures that span military and civilian life. Even jolly Firbolg trader Pumat Sol is available within this pack.

Kryn Dynasty & Xhorhas | $49.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Featuring another set of figures for your table, this particular pack of Critical Role miniatures offers a slice of Kryn society via nobles and a Graviturgy Wizard, not to mention the Echo Knight with their transparent doppelganger that helps them out in combat.

Clovis Concord & Menagerie Coast | $49.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
With more Critical Role miniatures inspired by inhabitants of the Menagerie Coast included within the box, this pack is perfect for adventures taking place along the shoreline. You also get minis for the Hollow One and Blood Hunter subclasses, which is pretty cool.

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