Crackdown screens come in

Tuesday 15 August 2006
We've managed to get hold of two new shots of Microsoft's GTA-like action game Crackdown, which illustrate the size of the city in which you'll be able to create mayhem in the name of the law.

Developed by Real Time Worlds the game has you playing as a superhuman agent prepared to take out the trash by any means necessary, and by take out the trash we mean shoot gangsters from the city's main three crime organisations.

Key to doing this is upgrading your agent - even though his superhuman abilities are evident from the start, he'll need to upgrade throughout the game to take down the 21 different kingpins in the city.

So, as you complete a mission, you'll gain points for strength, shooting, explosives, driving and agility. Max out in these attributes and you'll be left with a character that can leap up buildings, drive like Schumacher and kick enemy cars around the road.

This means the city featured in-game will become one big playground. Every building you can see in these shots can be accessed by foot, car or a superhuman leap.

Above: The game will have an off and on-line co-op mode