Crackdown 2 will have unique Windows Phone 7 integration

In addition to unlocking mobile Achievements to bolster your Gamerscore on your Windows Phone 7, you'll also apparently be able to unlock content in your existing Xbox 360 games. The first titleto introduce this connectivitywill be Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst.

Featuring the world and themes of Crackdown 2, Project Sunburst is a more casual, tower defense style game. Players set up buildings to shoot down incoming Freaks and Cell Terrorists.

The game will allow players to connect to their Xbox Live accounts and earn Gamerpoints by accomplishing tasks in the mobile universe. That's something Microsoft is encouraging all WP7 games to do.

ButProject Sunburstwill go above and beyond just offering Achievements.If you have Crackdown 2 on the 360, and your phone is linked to your XBL account,finishing certain tasks in Project Sunburst gain you rewards in Crackdown 2's upcoming Deluge DLC. Pretty cool, we'd say (and also a way to incentivize your purchase of DLC, of course...).

Microsoft has not said when Project Sunburst will be available, but it willlikely be one of the first big exclusives for the device.


Nov 2, 2010