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Counterfeit PS3 controllers "may ignite or explode," warns Sony

There's nothing like the threat of losing a few fingers to discourage gamers from buying shoddy, off-brand gaming accessories. In its ongoing effort to protect the public from the evils of counterfeiting, Sony has released aconsumer alertwarning gamers of the potentially explosive risks when using knock-off PlayStation 3 Wireless Controllers.

Referring to the mock controllers as %26ldquo;practically identical in appearance to genuine PlayStation 3 Wireless Controllers%26rdquo;, Sony warns: %26ldquo;It is possible that some counterfeit product may ignite or explode, resulting in injury or damage to the user, your PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, or other property.%26rdquo;

Above: The true cost of counterfeiting

No news yet on whether used games can cause flooding or if owning an Xbox 360 is the leading cause of adult asthma, but we're sure Sony will keep us posted.


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