Countdown to the SFX Weekender: 2 sleeps to go

Whatever else the Weekender has to offer, ultimately it's about having a good time with your sci-fi-loving mates. Here are some photos of the sort of thing we mean

Almost there... almost there... Yep, we're still counting down the days until the SFX Weekender 2011 with a look back at the highlights of last year.

One of the key things about the event for all of us is the chance to hang out with readers, fans and members of the wider sci-fi community. It's a fun environment where you know we're all into the same stuff. Here are some pics of the general jollity from February 2010:

A diver. In the bar. Of course

Some apple vodka was involved

Adrian's infamous TARDIS

You may know them from the forum...

Hop onto the SFX forum to chat about what's coming up at the Weekender this year. They're a friendly bunch. Don't forget we made some last minute schedule announcements yesterday. Call 08700 110034 to talk about ticket options - it's got to be your last chance now, right?