Couldn't make it to Vegas? EVO 2010 is streaming live

EVO 2010, the world's premier fighting tournament,has officially kicked off, and the whole thing is streaming live for your enjoyment, with commentary, right here. Who will go home with the gold joystick and who will just go home salty?

Today’s schedule includes Tatsunoko vs Capcom until noon, and then Super Street Fighter IV until midnight. Seeing as the tournament just started expect to see a lot of unknowns on the stream, which could mean classic matches like Justin Wong vs. Dave from Philly or Daigo vs. Cha Cha Desmond(NSFW).

Tomorrow morning is Tekken 6, so make sure to sleep in so you'll be ready for the SSFIV stream laterin the day.MVC2, Melty Blood and more are alsoset for Sunday, with the grand SSFIVchampionship match onSunday night.

July 9, 2010

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