Could Rachel McAdams be Black Cat?

The rumours surrounding Spider-Man 4 have begun to accelerate now that Sam Raimi and co are getting ready to cast the thing, with Rachel McAdams being considered.

And just who might McAdams - soon to be seen in Sherlock Holmes - be playing? Step forward Felicia Hardy, better known as Black Cat.

Mania's sources are saying that McAdams has met with the film's producers, and is considered a top contender for the part.

Of course, nothing official has been announced, so it could all be so much rumour for now. But as the site points out, Black Cat is a solid character for Sam Raimi's approach, which usually sees the villains linked in some way to Peter Parker's personal life.

Hardy was a cat burglar who robbed to support her father (and tries to get him out of prison), and became smitten with our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. And she even hooks up with him in later books...

In related news, Slash Film is reporting a rumour that Romola Garai has also auditioned for a "female lead villain role", whether it's Black Cat or not.

So does this mean we can expect a two-villain film? Le sigh…

[Source: Mania ]

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